“Depuis plusieurs annees, Monseigneur Hoban, Eveque de Scranton desirait avoir les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres dans son diocese; il etait venu a Brooklyn voir notre Bonne Mere Provinciale, sans pouvoir obtenir cette faveur, …”

“For a few years already, Most Reverend Hoban, Bishop of Scranton, wanted to have the Little Sisters of the Poor in his diocese; he came to Brooklyn to see “our good” Mother Provincial without being able to receive this grace…”

This is the excerpt from our Foundation Book, recounting the first beginnings of the Little Sisters in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Things started to happen quickly when Mr. Martin Maloney agreed to buy property and to provide funds for the building of the first Home.

  • On May 20, 1907, the cornerstone of the Maloney Home and the altar stone of the altar were blessed and placed, signifying the construction of the first Catholic home dedicated to the care of the elderly poor of Scranton. The project was funded and directed by Martin J. Maloney. Mr. Maloney, an entrepreneur, invented the gas street light, and by order of the Scranton Council it was installed and “lit” the streets of the city prior to their replacement with electric lamp stands.
  • On June 22, 1908 Mother Provincial and six Little Sisters arrived in Scranton, took possession of the Maloney Home and offered their hospitality to the elderly poor. The home was blessed and the altar consecrated on June 24, 1908. You can find more history of the Maloney Home including photos by clicking here.
  • September 1976, Holy Family Residence replaces the Maloney Home on the same property, providing hospitality to over 100 Residents, serving at the same time as “Juniorate” for Little Sisters in Formation.
  • 1985, Holy Family Pavilion welcomes the elderly in 22 apartments. Connected by a breeze-way to the main building, the Pavilion Residents have access to services and hospitality of the Holy Family Residence.
  • Today, Holy Family Residence offers 52 single occupancy rooms
    and 22 apartments.

Thanks to the generosity of many caring individuals, the Sisters have been blessed and able to surround our Residents with attention and affection for over 100 years.

Holy Family Residence:
Little Sisters of the Poor
2500 Adams Avenue
Scranton, PA 18509

For more information about Saint Jeanne Jugan and the Little Sisters of the Poor, click here.