Meet a Few of Our Family

“Working as an Occupational Therapist for 14 years in various long term care facilities, Holy Family stands out as providing a home-like atmosphere to its Residents and those who work here. The family feeling at Holy Family is evident throughout the Home from each person’s private room to the cozy dining and sitting areas.  Holy Family invites all who are here to feel welcome and part of a special community.  Working with our Residents, such as Helen, daily in therapy, we learn to appreciate and respect each person’s individuality and spirituality that helps them progress toward their goals and achieve meaning and purpose in their lives.”

Sherri Schoonover, Occupational Therapist

It has been very humbling to work for the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Knowing that I am a small part of a greater good, a part of a community based on providing superb hospitality to the elderly is both rewarding and fulfilling.”

Kim Simchak, Business Office Manager

“I like being an Association Jeanne Jugan member for many reasons.  I was happy to be invited to formation, because of the loving care my mother-in-law and my mother have received at Holy Family Residence.  As I began to learn about the life of St. Jeanne Jugan, I was fascinated by this amazing woman.  Her love and determination, and complete trust in God's Providence, allowed her to do so much for so many.  I felt challenged by her humility and her joy.  Even when forced to retire from active ministry, she refused to be distracted by bitterness.
Being associated with the Little Sisters has made me feel so privileged to share some small part in their care for the Elderly.  During this past Holy Week, I was struck by the image of Veronica, stepping forward in compassion to wipe the face of Jesus.  While I can be more like a hesitant Simon, I see St. Jeanne Jugan and her Little Sisters as Veronica.  They lovingly accompany the Elderly on their journey, doing all they can to ease their way.
I am encouraged by their example, as I try to reflect the charism of St. Jeanne Jugan in my daily life.”

Nancy Wilson, Association Jeanne Jugan

“I love working at Holy Family Residence because we are different.  We are able to take time with our Residents; other places are more like a production line.  The Sisters are great to work with.”

Nancie Warrick, CNA

“The care here is outstanding and I have learned a lot from the Little Sisters.  It’s great to be able to get to know the Residents, their needs and desires.  They are special.  It is truly inspiring to work here.”

Lynn Warshawsky, lpn, Charge Nurse 

“I love working for the Little Sisters of the Poor at Holy Family Residence here in Scranton.  The work that we all do creates a truly special environment.  The Sisters encourage us all to share in their mission of hospitality and care for the Elderly poor by inspiring each employee to join them in their efforts to create a comfortable, fun, and “home-like” environment for all.”

Kathy Campion, Human Resources Director